Pay Yourself First

Paying yourself first requires intentionally setting aside a portion of your income before you use it on any other expenditures. This means that you are making the decision to set aside monetary resources for your future, which as a result allows you to begin reclaiming your life today…

Making Your Lunch Has Saved You How Much Money?

Hey New Dad, what does this have to do with you being a new father? I am glad you asked. For the last six years, my wife and I have brought our lunches to work practically every day. According to my conservative estimates, this has saved us over $6,600!..

15 Easy Things To Do In Preparation For The Birth of Your Child

As a recovering Type A personality, I constantly face the internal predicament between wanting to be as highly optimized as possible and choosing to enjoy the present moment without over analyzing it. This is one of those times in which the former wins out! As a result, and hopefully for your benefit, the following list contains 15 things that I either did in preparation for the birth of my son, or in hindsight, wish that I had done in preparation for his arrival…

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